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叹气! 当这一切都结束后,人们将会发明一个新词汇,比"白痴"还强烈的新词汇,来形容这届美国政府的政策。






这种差劲的计划即便是在你最槽糕的噩梦中都不会出现的! 脑袋正常的人都无法理解!

igh! When all this is over, people will have to invent a new word, stronger than “moron”, to describe the policies of this US Administration.

Basically, before the US-China trade war started in 2018, the US has a PRODUCT trade deficit, and a SERVICE TRADE SURPLUS with China. The US bought more manufactured goods from China than China buying oil and beans from the US, but then, about a third of the trade surplus was recycled back to the US through tourism and education - that’s basically the Chinese middle class vacationing in the US and sending their kids to college in the US. On top of that, there was significant cash flowing from China to the US in the form of asset purchase and investment (i.e., rich Chinese buying houses in the US. Rich Chinese bankers invest in start-ups in the Silicon Valley). If you take all these cash flows into consideration, the real “trade deficit” between China and the US was about $10 - 20 billion a month.

OK, so, this group of gentlemen started their little “easy-to-win” trade war in 2018. First they unilaterally jacked up tariffs, which persuaded the Chinese that their American trade partners are not reliable, so whey don’t we buy wheat and gas from Russia, and beans from Brazil. Then they went after the Chinese companies (Huawei, Tiktok), and practically overnight, all the Chinese investors ran away. Then they went after the Chinese students and visiting scholars, and immediately the tourism and the education sank to zero. In the meantime, the Chinese government is not going after American businesses and banks in China, so all the major US banks and mutual funds are pushing money into the Chinese market! Then the US Government did a Stimulus Package, and because of Covid, people saved portions of it, which cycles through Mutual Funds to more China investment. So now in the US, from the poorest to the richest, all the way to the government itself, are all handing China more money at the same time.

In the last two months, China has been running $60 billion monthly trade surplus, plus less service deficit (~ another $15 billion), plus more American capital flowing into China (~ another $15 billion)! Double Surplus in both Trade and Capital!

China says August exports beat expectations, jumping 9.5% from a year ago

Basically China is minting about a third of France’s monthly GDP every month just from trade alone, even with all that jacked up tariffs, and with global trade down because of the pandemic! It’s almost like, you try to tell the guy “plan A is bad. Plan B is also bad”, and this guy goes and picks the worst aspect of plan A and plan B to make a really bad plan C, and then throw in some extra of his own invention, to make it a super duper bad plan D! The kind of bad plan that you wouldn’t even dream of in your worst nightmare! A normal brain can not even comprehend this!




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