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回答: 美方代表不能决策,带了谈判条件回国 由 渔人 于 2018-06-04 03:59:51

In a brief statement, the official Xinhua news agency said Mr Ross and Mr Liu had made “concrete progress” without elaborating. But Xinhua also warned that any move by the Trump administration to impose punitive tariffs would derail the negotiations, which are expected to continue through the summer.

The US delegation, which did not comment after the talks concluded, was due to fly out of the Chinese capital on Sunday evening.

Two people briefed on the discussions said there was little progress on agriculture and larger structural trade and investment issues, as the two sides concentrated more on potential energy deals. “The focus was exclusively on narrowing the trade deficit, with a particular focus on energy exports,” one of the people said. “The focus was not what the US business community would like to see.”


Mr Trump’s renewed tariff threat last week surprised and angered Chinese officials, especially after it appeared to contradict Mr Mnuchin’s assurances a fortnight earlier that the two sides were “putting the trade war on hold”.

“The Chinese are asking that the Trump administration publicly announce that they will not impose tariffs, and that’s a non-starter,” said a second person briefed on the discussions.

Despite Beijing’s anger over Mr Trump’s renewed threat, in recent days the Chinese government has slashed tariffs on a range of consumer imports and also promised to relax foreign investment restrictions in sectors including energy and transport by June 30.




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