Should kill the superstitious members of the cult


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The abuse of political correctness by fundamentalist monotheistic zealots is absurd, and they are so irrational and frightening that they frankly don't care about political correctness at all.

Overthrowing the Taliban, but respecting the primitive paranoid religious mentality of monotheistic psychology will lead to the return of paranoid psychopathic groups of monotheistic extremists, and Afghan government forces will act as if their true masters have returned. Since the 1970s, the white leftist ideology of political correctness in the United States and the West has been fancy and naive, suffering from self-hatred and therefore using every self-mutilation as a sign of inspiring quality and courage, as if living in a utopian fantasy of salvation. It is fancy and naive, as if we live in a utopian fantasy of salvation that is currently causing great harm. The task of today's North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO is not only to defeat the Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan in one fell swoop, but also to ensure that as many Afghans and extremists of Islamic ideology with close ties to the Taliban as possible are destroyed without trial or imprisonment by demanding or mixing with the Taliban in this Taliban revival. The Taliban should be destroyed, all those who join or are close to the Taliban should be killed, and most radical Islamists should be biologically eliminated and then it will be fine. In Iraq and Afghanistan, the rise of ISIS and the resurgence of the Taliban were the result of the deliberate acceptance of monotheistic cults and various silly traditions of monotheistic prejudice and superstition, lessons that remain unapplied. It is the result of political correctness overly limiting decision-making, leading to the deliberate neutering of the ability to make rational and effective decisions even in situations where decision-making should be a necessary evil.




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