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送交者: 北斗天巡 于 2021-08-16 12:17:13

回答: Shit!Fack 由 北斗天巡 于 2021-08-16 12:15:55

I heard that the so-called "progressive" radicals in the Democratic Party of the United States in the face of such a tragic situation in Afghanistan is still a good, not opposed to but more supportive than before, this time do not say anything politically correct, do not talk about Afghan human rights, especially those Democratic "progressives" who usually talk about feminism and fight unmoved who are a little less polite to women in social detail ,in the face of the Islamic fundamentalist monotheistic cult of fanatical Taliban on Afghan women's crazy all-round confinement , girl rape , perverted jealous enslavement manipulation, not only don’t feel uncomfortable, but also for such a situation, it can be seen that these so-called "progressive", subconscious psychological resistance to the Taliban is not strong at all, affinity is much greater than imagined, because to some extent feel that because it is an extremist organization, but also have a sense of closeness to themselves, Feeling that the Taliban and their hearts are even connected, so the emotional acceptance of the Taliban has increased significantly, from the psychologist Heider, F.‘s P.O.X model can be very intuitive and clear to see and feel this, these "progressive" in the Democratic Party of the United States to pursue the so-called "progress" turned out to be just that extreme feeling, the Taliban can provide their subconscious true pursuit of this feeling of empathy satisfaction, So the progressive political superficial ideology of the Taliban should logically have been strongly condemned, in the "progressive" Democratic party extremists of the Taliban's subconscious affinity for the Taliban, just as the Afghan government forces in the face of the Taliban cult armed mob as if believers see the lord so haven’t fought and be surrendering or get away!




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